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Closed-Cell    |    Spray Polyurethane Foam

Roof Construction
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Achieving a Sustainable and Cost Effective Building Envelope

Our eco-friendly, high-yield VPC-CC SuperYield incorporates >20% recycled plastic and renewable oils to create a high performing, closed-cell spray foam insulation. VPC-CC SuperYield combines sustainability with an easier to spray, high yield product.

Five Benefits with One Application

VPC-CC SuperYield is our high-performing, versatile spray foam insulation for commercial and residential construction creates a specialized engineered building envelope, which provides better thermal resistance, an excellent air barrier, and a recognized vapor retarder.

  • > 20% recycled & renewable content 

  • Up to 10 LEED points*

  • 0-5 flame spread based on ASTM E-84

  • Interior and exterior applications

  • Multiple formulas for varying temperatures

* Depending on job distance from manufacturer.

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