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Open-Cell    |    Spray Polyurethane Foam    |    Ultra-Low Density – 0.4 Lb Density

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How It Works:

VPC-OneStroke Open-Cell spray foam insulation expands 100 times its application size to precision fill cracks and spaces sealing your home. Spray foam insulation is a two-in-one product, insulating and air sealing in one step. This two-in-one aspect makes it a superior product compared to fiberglass or cellulose insulation, creating a tighter thermal envelope for a high-quality air barrier that lasts.

Why VPC-OneStroke?

VPC-OneStroke Open Cell foam provides a seamless air barrier to control air leakage and lower energy consumption. It eliminates condensation, moisture, and mold from your home and blocks airborne noises and absorbs sound energy for an energy-efficient, comfortable, and quiet indoor environment.

VPC-OneStroke is a permanent solution that will not sag or settle over time and provides additional strength to your home.

New Construction – Remodels and Upgrades​

Blocks all Three Forms of Heat Transfer:

  • Conductive heat transfer – flow of thermal energy from higher to lower temperature region. Example of this is heat moving through the structures/walls, roof, and windows.

  • Radiant heat transfer – Radiation from the sun is energy that is transferred in the form of infrared light waves. This most commonly occurs when the sun shines on your roof, is absorbed, and moves into the living spaces.

  • Convective heat transfer – The transfer of heat from one place to another by the movement of fluids or gases. This commonly happens inside structures and by stopping the air movement. Convective heat loss will stop.

VPC-OneStroke Open Cell Approved for Applications in:

Exterior Walls – Floors – Unvented Attics – Vented Attics – Ceilings – Crawlspaces

VPC-OneStroke is well suited for new construction and retrofit applications in both residential and commercial buildings. VPC-OneStroke provides added value over traditional insulation, acting as an air, moisture, and thermal barrier, and the product’s excellent adhesion ensures that the insulation remains in place.

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